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At Orcutt Financial Center, we offer the “total package” in comprehensive financial management for your growing small business.

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What’s more personal than your finances? From personal tax returns to investments, we’re the “real deal”—personally partnering in your plan for the future.

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You Filed for a Tax Extension – Now What?

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Like 12 million of your fellow Americans, you have filed form 4868 and requested a six-month extension and may be wondering what’s next.  Below are some steps for completing your taxes and ways to avoid expensive penalties. Filing the extension on time (postmarked by 11:59 p.m. on 4/15 in your time zone) may have eliminated […]

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Is Your Business Poised for Overnight Success?


The pace of today’s business is real-time.  There’s little delay for production, shipping or even payments. On-demand environments have pushed start-ups and small businesses into a new growth curve.  Business innovators like Geoffrey Moore have written best-sellers describing the perfect formula for over-night success.  What businesses need, say Moore is four main pillars of growth […]

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Business Casualty, Disaster and Theft Losses

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Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to the effects of a catastrophic event such as a fire, flood, tornado, most recently landslides, or other natural disaster.  While business casualty and other types of insurance coverage are available, there will still be other losses that are not recoverable and leave your business facing a deficit. “Casualty covers […]

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