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Small Business Accounting Made Simple

Feeling overwhelmed with your business finances? We're here to help. Our comprehensive accounting services keep you organized and give you the data you need to make prudent business decisions.

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Multiple Services. One Provider.

Are your accounting services overly complicated because you have different providers for payroll, bookkeeping or tax services? Our consolidated services model handles all of this through one provider and one relationship. We love small business. That’s why we work with them exclusively. Contact us today to learn more.

Service Plans

Bookkeeping Headache?Let us help.

Our cloud based bookkeeping services provide data backup and access from anywhere.

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Payroll Problems?We make it pain-free.

Integrate Payroll with your business finances to ensure everything stays organized, error-free, and up to date.

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Pay only what you owe.Maximize profit.

To minimize taxes you need a year round plan not just tax preparation.

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It’s all about relationships.We’re on your side.

Business owner’s need someone they can trust. We have years of experience helping small business owners just like you.

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Who We Are

At Orcutt & Company, we offer you simplicity: Be profitable. Save money. Have more time to be “man’s best boss”. We’re a small business, so we understand your small business needs. And we’re growing as you grow. From tax services to payroll, we are your business partner.

-Greg Orcutt
Meet The Team

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“We deliver comprehensive financial management for small business owners & individuals, providing strategic solutions that best address client needs and aspirations.”

Orcutt & Company CPAMission Statement

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While the phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” can often be sound advice in daily life, it doesn’t exactly apply when it comes to your business finances. In fact, consolidating all of your business finances to one source like a certified accounting and financial group can ensure that you streamline your bottom line and keep accurate financial records. Cash Flow Management One key benefit of consolidating your business finances is simplified cash flow management. It’s a factor…

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As a small business owner with a lot on your plate, the last thing you need is to make any tax filing mistakes that could bring the IRS to your doorstep.  Often getting audited by the IRS isn’t always the result of intentional acts. Here are five of the most common tax filing mistakes that are likely to get you a dreaded letter from the IRS asking for more information: 1. Under-Reporting Income Whether you are a freelancer, a brick-and-mortar…

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Profit vs. Cash Flow: How They Function For Your Small Business

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As a small business, your financial health is vital. Profit and cash flow are essential elements of a thriving business, but they aren’t the same thing. As you grow your business, you’ll need to understand the difference between making and managing money. Even if you are the best at selling your products or services, you may fall short if you run into cash problems. Here’s what you need to know about profit vs. cash flow for your small business:  What’s…

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