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January 2020

Leaving a Legacy and Gifting your Heirs Today

By Tax Advice

When it comes to gifting, it may make more sense to do it now than wait until later. Gifting an heir now, rather than at the time of your death, can benefit you when it comes to tax time. Enjoy the lifetime exemption for an estate tax exemption when you give a gift. Giving away monetary gifts now reduces what you can transfer tax free when you die. Planning to give someone a gift? Here’s what you should know: There…

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Strategic Plan? What is That?

By Business Advice

As business climates become even more competitive, small and large businesses alike need to adapt by creating powerful strategic plans that will help them attract business and grow. If you want your business to thrive and remain relevant instead of merely surviving, you’ll need to take some time to create and follow one of these vital road maps.  What is a Strategic Plan? A strategic plan is a document that outlines your business’s long-term goals and your strategy for achieving…

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