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August 2020

What’s Tax Deductible For Your Company Autos?

By Uncategorized

Company automobiles can be a popular choice for a variety of small and big businesses, and serve a variety of purposes. Some businesses may find themselves needing their vehicle to perform business actions, while others may find it more beneficial to purchase company cars for their employees rather than reimburse employee expenses from their personal vehicle. Whichever category you fall into, it’s important to know the tax requirements and benefits your business faces:  Two Major Methods When it comes to…

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Is It Worth the Money to Have a Second Job?

By Business Advice

The past year hasn’t been kind to many small businesses and workers. It hasn’t been uncommon for people to step outside the box, or at least consider other options, to earn more.  The gig economy has become an incredibly popular choice as a way to earn part and even full-time income. People drive for ride-sharing services, deliver groceries, walk dogs, and rent out spare rooms in their homes. But, is a second job like this something you should pursue? Before…

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