If you’re a small or medium-sized business in Cincinnati, you need a reliable company to take care of all your accounting needs. Why have multiple companies handling different areas of your accounting processes? Hire one accounting firm who does it all. Orcutt & Company can manage all aspects of your accounting, from bookkeeping to tax preparation and more.

No matter the size of your small business, Orcutt & Company Accounting can fulfill your accounting requirements. We deal exclusively with small businesses because we understand the unique needs they have. You don’t have a lot of excess money, time, or resources, so controlling expenditures is critical. You need to manage your finances wisely. 

Accounting Services We Offer to Cincinnati Businesses

Orcutt & Company is a certified public accounting firm, offering a full range of business accounting services. We can manage everything from general bookkeeping to tax preparation. Details of our services are described below.

  • General Accounting and Bookkeeping. We’ll set up an accounting system for your business that fits your specific needs. We’ll put processes in place to help you manage your books and keep your business operating in a lean and profitable manner. We can assist in preparing and maintaining income statements and balance sheets, reconcile bank accounts, post transactions, and other accounting responsibilities.
  • Business Consulting. Orcutt & Company can assist you in developing a financial plan for your Cincinnati business to achieve your financial goals. The financial plan is dynamic, so it will need to be reviewed periodically to update it to match changing requirements. We’ll be with you every step of way to ensure your strategy is current and consistent with your goals.
  • Payroll Services. We can assume the responsibility of your payroll system entirely, or provide a customized solution, depending on your needs and wants. If you don’t have the time or resources to do payroll in-house, you can trust us to administer it entirely for you. Our services include payroll preparation, cutting checks, preparing year-end W-2 forms, and all payroll related administration. We can help you convert to a paperless system and assist in the implementation of 401K plans and other benefits.
  • Tax Planning and Preparation. We will assist you in creating and managing a tax plan with the right strategy needed for your Cincinnati business to remain profitable and encourage growth. We’ll prepare and file your taxes, using as many authorized deductions as possible to save you money. As your business grows, we’ll continue to review your tax strategy and plans to ensure they are updated appropriately for your benefit.
  • QuickBooks Support. Orcutt & Company employs expert certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors who can assist you with using this software to your advantage. We can modify and tweak the software so that it is specific to your financial needs. We’ll help you best utilize the system to manage income and expenses, prepare invoices, generate reports, pay bills, and much more.

Hire One Cincinnati Company for All Your Accounting Needs

Why use multiple companies for taxes, payroll, bookkeeping, and other accounting services, when you can get all of them with Orcutt & Company? We are a one-stop-shop for all your accounting needs. 

We can simplify and consolidate your financial processes so that they are less complex and streamlined. Give us a call today to see how we can benefit your small or medium-sized business.