As a small business owner in Mason, you are likely very busy trying to keep your company operational and profitable. You don’t have a lot of spare time, so why would you waste it doing tasks that are much better accomplished by someone trained in that field? 

Accounting is one such area where you are probably not an expert. If you’re trying to handle it yourself, it’s taking you a lot longer to do what accounting professionals could complete more quickly and accurately. Why not let go and allow Orcutt & Company handle your accounting instead?

A Local Accounting Firm You Can Trust

When you hire us, you’ll get a certified public accounting firm local to Mason that can meet all your accounting requirements. From handling day-to-day bookkeeping, tax planning and preparation, employee payroll, invoicing, and everything else dealing with accounting, we do it all. We also offer customized services where you can have us do one or a few accounting tasks for you. 

As a local and experienced accounting firm in Mason, we partner with our clients as a team. Our goal is to help you be as profitable as possible. We will advise you on preparing your business plan, create a financial strategy, expedite invoicing processes, assist in the use of QuickBooks, and advise you in all aspects of accounting. 

When we are part of your team, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your finances are in capable and secure hands. No matter what type of business you run, we can optimize your profitability by implementing ways of preserving resources, cutting tax obligations, and reducing expenditures. 

Customized Accounting Service Plans in Mason 

Small businesses usually don’t need a full-time CFO or controller and a staff of bookkeepers in-house. Why pay employee salaries (and benefits) when you can get the same level of expertise by outsourcing to Orcutt & Company? You only pay for the services you need, when you need them. 

Because every business has different accounting needs, we offer customized service plans. You may just need bookkeeping services, or you may be looking for a full range of accounting expertise. You can select from the following list of services to create your unique accounting plan.

  • General Accounting and Bookkeeping. We’ll establish processes to help you manage the books and allow for more profitable operations. This can include 
  • Business Consulting. We will work with you to create and maintain a financial plan for your Mason company for achieving its financial goals. 
  • Payroll Services. Whether you need us to take over the current payroll system or implement a new solution, we can assume those responsibilities. 
  • Tax Planning and Preparation. A tax plan and strategy is important to maximize deductions and increase profits. We know all the tax laws and regulations, so we can create and implement a plan that benefits your business. 
  • QuickBooks Support. We have certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors on staff who can guide you in using this software to your advantage. 

Isn’t it time for you to concentrate more on running your business and let the experts help? Give Orcutt & Company a call to see how we can help your Mason business thrive and succeed.