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Help Your Staff Become a Team

By February 15, 2020Business Advice

It’s no secret that every great business is backed by a strong team of leaders and employees. There are plenty of apt sayings: two heads are better than one, or a bundle of sticks can’t be broken. 

But what those sayings fail to take into account is that those heads (or sticks) may not always see eye to eye or work in harmony. But, when they do, some magical things can happen for your business. So, what’s the best way to get your staff working together as a team? Here are a few tips. 

Explain Your Vision

It’s tough to get everyone on board with your vision if you’re not willing to share your ideas with the group. The first thing you should do is set the scene by outlining your goals and describing a path to get to the finish line. 

Get Your Staff Involved

Better yet, involve your staff every step of the way, and you’re likely to get an even more cohesive team. Ask them for input on how you will achieve strategic goals. Have them put together an outline for the company’s culture so that they are responsible for that vision. 

Use the terms “we” instead of “I” when it comes to business objectives. Give your employees tasks right away to get them engaged and have them mentor new hires. 

Clearly Define Roles

To avoid confusion and conflicts, sit down, and clearly define roles within your organization. If you don’t do this, you risk a dip in productivity and efficiency as well as problems with morale. 

Consider Team-Building Exercises

Small businesses can be fast-paced environments, and these need strong teams to work efficiently. You can shortcut years of trial and error by taking some time out for a few team-building exercises. 

These can range from expensive days away from work (retreats, go-karting, fishing, etc.) to a simple Friday lunch or afternoon snack hour. Whichever option you choose, make sure it’s within your budget and achieving its purpose. 

Embrace the Value of Diversity

It might be tempting to fill up your workplace with people that are like-minded and that have similar backgrounds. But research reveals that this won’t get you the results you want and need. 

Indeed, workplaces with high levels of diversity are more likely to be more innovative. This is something you’ll want to recognize and embrace as you build your internal teams. 

Identify and Address Problems Early

If and when there are any internal issues, address them promptly and appropriately. Some team members may not be a good fit, while others just need some redirection. But termination should be a last resort and always in compliance with all applicable regulations. 

Let Your Team Know You Value Them

Finally, it’s essential that you let your staff know their contributions are valued. You can do this by giving accolades, focusing on personal and professional growth, and giving them the financial support they deserve through a competitive salary and benefits. 

This might seem like a lot of work, but the results pay off significantly. Studies show that strong teams produce better financial results due to greater productivity, increased efficiency, and higher levels of employee satisfaction. 

As you work on helping your staff become a team, your business can shift the burden of its financial management activities to a group of experienced professionals. At Orcutt & Company, we offer small businesses the “total package” in comprehensive financial management. Contact us today to learn more.