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Orcutt Deducting Business Expenses

Deducting Business Expenses: Best and Worst Practices

By Business Advice, Tax Advice

What’s the goal of every business? To make a profit, of course! A business can generate more profit by increasing revenue, managing or reducing expenses, and optimizing tax deductions. These are our recommended best and worst practices for monitoring and deducting business expenses:  Understanding Business Expenses  Expenses are the costs that a company incurs in the process of generating revenue. Importantly, businesses can take properly recorded tax deductions on their income tax returns, provided that the deductions meet IRS guidelines. Deductions fall in three…

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Orcutt Financial Costs Of Starting A Business

Starting a Business: How Much Does It Really Cost?

By Business Advice, Tax Advice

It’s one of the most difficult undertakings to embark on alone. Especially when looking at the statistics, starting a business is a risky venture. This is especially true if you’re financially unprepared. One of the biggest challenges to more than 30% of small business owners is capital! Depending on the business, starting costs and the required capital will vary massively. Small business costs in particular can really take the wind out of your sails going forward. How Much Does Starting a Business…

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6 Tips for Improving Your Business’s Credit Score

By Business Advice

Your business credit score is an essential indicator of the overall financial health of your organization. Figuring how to improve your credit score might seem challenging. But it can be a critical factor in the future success of your business. If you’d like to find out how to be a more creditworthy business, here’s what you need to know.  Your Business Credit Score and Why It Matters As a business owner, having strong business credit means that you have a…

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