With tax codes changing from year to year, most business owners rely on a professional tax preparer to assist with preparation and filing. At Orcutt & Company, we don’t just prepare tax returns. We work collaboratively with small and medium sized business owners to develop a tax strategy that helps achieve their long-range goals.

We understand both tax and finance and can help any type of business with complex accounting and tax issues. Our firm offers a full range of tax planning and tax preparation services.

Advance planning is an essential part of the tax preparation process. We take a proactive stance on planning with all of our clients. We meet to review your business plan and develop a comprehensive tax planning strategy designed for your specific situation. By making tax planning part of your business strategy, you can minimize both current and future tax liabilities while maximizing your profits.

We offer tax planning services for businesses at every stage. For new businesses, implementing the right tax strategy up front can make all the difference in profitability and growth. For mature businesses, we’ll review your current structure and implement any changes needed to increase profitability. No matter what stage your business is in, we’ll make sure you are positioned to take advantage of all deductions allowed under state and federal law.

Tax laws are always changing and noncompliance can put your business at risk. By keeping up to date on new tax laws and legislation, we can help minimize your current and future tax liabilities. We pride ourselves on understanding current tax law, complex tax code, and new tax regulations for both individuals and corporations. We focus on compliance as we help you identify opportunities to minimize your tax liability and maximize your cash flow.

Geared toward corporate tax, we help our small business clients by:

  • Planning tax strategies to minimize tax liability
  • Preparing federal, state and local tax filings
  • Determining the impact of taxes on transactions, mergers and acquisitions
  • Representing clients before IRS, state and local tax authorities

Tax planning and preparation form a winning combination for both our individual and business clients. Our experienced team can develop a tax strategy that allows you to maximize profits while remaining in full compliance with all state and federal laws. Our goal is to make tax planning and preparation a simpler process that provides clients with timely, meaningful information throughout the year, not just at tax time.

Orcutt & Company is a full-service financial solutions provider. Our comprehensive service plans are designed with the small business owner in mind. We can handle your bookkeeping, payroll, corporate and personal taxes in one office, with one point of contact. Our integrated approach is designed to ensure that we understand your personal goals and how they integrate with your business finances. Consultation is fundamental to all our business services. Through our annual review with owners, we look at tax projection, the status of the business and more.